Card Printer Consumables

We offer all size of ribbon and Sticker for Barcode Label Printer

Megakarte Smartcard Corporation offering a low-cost wax to ultra-high performance resin ribbons for Argox Label Printer Ribbon.

Barcode Label Printer Consumable

Argox Label Printers use specialized Premium Resin and Enhanced Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon. the Argox range of barcode label printers and other models. Ribbons available in WaxWax/Resin and Resin.

label printer ribbon

Thermal wax Ribbon

Label Printer Consumables

Wax-based ink will adhere to almost any kind of media, making it suitable for barcode and other kinds of labels. This monochrome Printronix printer makes labels on demand or turns out large batches when required. 

Megakarte Resin Barcode Ribbon(85x100)
Thermal Resin Ribbon

Label Printer Consumables

Thermal transfer printers produce shades of colors by placing color dots side-by-side

megakarte Barcode Sticker Poly(1'5x1)cop
Polyester sticker

Label Printer Consumables

Made of high quality thermal paper, non-toxic, durable and tear resistant.

Satin Sticker

Label Printer Consumables

used for general purpose labeling needs and is compatible with most barcode printers.

megakarte Barcode Sticker Satin(2'5x0'5)cop
Thermal Paper

Label Printer Consumables

Thermal paper is a special fine paper that is coated with a material formulated to change color when exposed to heat.

Megakarte Barcode Sticker Satin(2'5x1'5)cop
Megakarte Printable Wristbands
Printable Wristband

Label Printer Consumables

Extremely sturdy yet comfortable, printable plastic bands can be sized to fit any wrist and are built for continuous wear.

Megakarte Self Adhesive Closure1
Self Adhesive Wristband

Label Printer Consumables

Made of super-soft vinyl with an adhesive closure. Made of super soft vinyl featuring an adhesive closure.

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