A well structure and discrete treatment of entrusted personal data, strict access control to our production facility and on time production is taken a principle at Megakarte.


The Personalization process varies depending on the individual customer requirement.


ID Cards, Membership Cards, loyalty and other card type can be personalized as well as have full portraits using dye sublimation print technology and features offered include:


Printing – The text or picture are printed on the card using heat. This can be done in one specific color or full color.

Embossing – The text is pressed into the card, which created a three-dimensional image. This method is often used on credit cards and fuel cards.

Tipping – The embossed text is given a color. This can be done in black, gold, white and silver.

Programming Smartcard – A readout or writing of a chip with personal data, balance or other card data.

Holographic Foil – This special foil equips the card with a visible safety feature. This makes the card less fraudu lent and gives it a professional look.

High Definition Printing – High definition prints because the lamination is first printed on a special HDP film. Then the complete design is pressed onto the card.

Encoding Magnetic Stripe – By encoding a magnetic stripe, the card holder can be identified.

Barcoding Printing – Applying a barcode on the card surface.

Programming – Reading and writing RFID/ Mifarechipcards. A readout or writing of a chip with personal data, bal ance or other data.

Personalized Services at the onset- to- Completion


At the start of every project, Megakarte’s first step is to identify the customer’s specific requirements, and design a program that meets the outline and functional needs, while staying focus to common considerations. Our experts analyse the goals platform and resources, and apply the appropriate technologies, skills and services for the project. Together we define your success metrics and develop a plan to achieve these goals. Our tailored approach to understanding yourspecific objectives is essential to a successful platform. As a result, customers achieve a predictable outcome, meeting completion deadlines, security goals and budget targets.


Idea- to-Execution


Customers are alienated by an unfathomable array of competing technologies, suppliers and claims at each stage of the process. Megakarte’s modular Specialized Services wave confusion and simplify complex projects, providing personalized skill and assistance at every step. We work with you to define your requirements and implement appropriate customized services, skills and technologies. Megakarte’s Specialized Services allows your project to run smoothly and successfully, from the initial card design to final delivery.

Idea- to- Completion Approach


Megakarte’s Specialized Service allows our customer to increase predictability, hasten start-up and evade problems through our;


  • Trusted suppliers and partners.
  • Skilled in analysing defining resources.
  • Design, develop, state-of-the-art multi-technology approach.
  • Solutions crafted individually for each projects.
  • Strong partners to support complex projects.
  • Personalized, professional consulting and support.
  • Program planning, management and implementation.