Small card, big technology. Behind Cardberry’s normal plastic card appearance lies some sophisticated technology. It contains a lithium-polymer accumulator battery with 35 milliampere-per-hour capacity and 0.6 millimetre width, a set of coils with high magnetic permeability, a 16-bit micro controller with ultra-low energy consumption and a dual-mode Bluetooth module that supports both 2.0 and low-energy standards. To transfer cards with bar-codes, light modulation imitates the laser-beam reflection from the real bar-code. The Cardberry comes with a reader that transfers data from your magnetic stripe cards to the app in less than a minute using QR codes. The reader also works as a wireless QI charger for the card’s battery (and can charge any other QI supported device, like your smartphone). The electronic card’s battery life is 1-3 months.

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Cardberry Card Features

• The card is 1mm thick, like most similar plastic cards.

• The card features a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 4 months on one charge. A charger is included.

• The dynamic magnetic stripe on the back of the card can emulate data from any swipe card.

• For barcode readers, the barcodes can be displayed by the LEDs on the face of the card, or by your phone screen via the Cardberry app.

• The connection between the Cardberry card and the app is main tained via a Bluetooth 4.0 interface (Bluetooth Low Energy).

• Loss or theft of the card does not result in the loss of personal information, which is stored in the app.

• The card is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from 0F to 100F.

• The Cardberry card comes with 1-year warranty.

The Cardberry Reader and Charger

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The Cardberry reader is required to read the information from your existing cards

and upload it to the Cardberry App. After that, you can forget about the reader till

you get a new plastic card to read information from or you need to charge the battery.


As a charger, the reader charges the card's battery within one hour.

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• The App can store unlimited number of your cards.

• All your data is securely stored in the Cardberry App.

• Available on the App Store.

• Available on the Google Play.